miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Letting The Music Speak For Itself

Unknown. Mysterious. Underground. Hidden. Call it as you want but I don’t wanna write exclusively about a person, in opposite way ... Let the music speaks for itself!!! The concept in RXRY’ music makes us forget names, faces and tags. This is a thing not easy , but if you just can enjoy that he made... you gonna understand me.
Visit RXRY’s Blog for download music, it's free.
"RxRy" is the third LP. It's ambient dub, playing with noise, beats in a very delicate way. Echoing in the background and soft melodies in a consistent structure. The mix is so nice. This album creates an atmosphere of peace, a sense of timelessness.
His most recent released is "ALPHA". With 5 songs: A L P H A2. Each track with short videos, a fascinating audiovisual experience.
In RxRy's Vimeo you can see more music videos made by himself. Check it out!
Aertgo Lapses is included in the previous LP called "Omega", this time with the visual-counterpart created by Ezra Ewen.
See, Feel and Enjoy!

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